Having Sonnet come to my home and help me de clutter, organize, and set intentions and goals, was one of the wisest investments I have ever made. She is very chill, non judgemental and a joy to be around. Not only did we accomplish a great deal, we had a lot of good laughs too.
Now, when I am tempted to save lots of magazines or rubber bands, I ask myself
“ What would Sonnet do?”.
She will help you make very positive changes in your life!
— Mo Nichols, 80 yrs old, La Jolla, CA

MY goal

It is my belief that our outside world is often a reflection of our inside world. My goal is to assist my clients in shifting their inner world while also helping them organize/declutter their outer world.

Sonnet has turned my life around. Not only has she helped me with visits to doctors and providing a second pair of ears, she has provided common sense advice during our breaks between appointments and on our drives to the doctors. This has been invaluable. Her gentle advice has motivated me to look at my life in a different and more practical way.

Sonnet has also been so incredibly helpful organizing my home. I have discarded so many things and feel a huge sense of relief. She offers her advice in a gentle and non-judgmental way, not forceful or insistent at all. She simply asks the right questions that make you think and evaluate whether the item is worth keeping.

I whole-heartedly recommend Sonnet if you are looking for change and improvement in your life. She has certainly changed mine for the better.
— Meredith Callahan, 68 yrs old, Boulder, CO

we all have our "stuff"  

On the outside it might look like:

  • Clutter & messes

  • Disorganization

  • Storage issues

  • Lack of space

  • Lack of simplicity

  • Too many belongings

  • Noise

  • Space that's not being used

On the inside it can feel like:

  • Emotional attachments

  • Fears

  • Stress

  • Lack of clarity

  • Inability to make decisions

  • Overwhelm

  • Unclear picture about where you want to go

i am here to help you

  • Create space for a life full of joy and adventure (or whatever matters most to you)

  • Experience a new sense of simplicity and peace

  • Get support in discovering what your values are and how to have your environment reflect them

  • Learn to stay in an place of possibility and curiosity about your patterns, systems, habits and beliefs

  • Let go so you can re-energize your life

  • Refocus your attitude and attention

What to expect

While cleaning and organizing your space is a big part of the process, it's important to know that do a whole lot more than that. The best way to describe what I do is I follow a natural process and provide you with ‘fresh eyes’ and a new perspective. I love when life just unfolds as we take steps in the direction we want to go, it’s a journey after all! My goal is always to meet you wherever you are right now, no judgments, and help you get to wherever you would like to go.

We can do a small space or your whole house/office. It's completely up to you. I will provide as much guidance as you want; it's your life after all. In other words, I am here to support you in your own process and ask questions. 

Using coaching and my organizational super powers (yes I roll up my sleeves and  help you get those projects done), I not only help you deal with your external space but at the same time I help you unlock some of the internal patterns so you can be free of your "stuff" for good!

Oh and one more thing, expect to have unexpected fun

I have had the pleasure of working with Sonnet for several years. I believe I am a fairly organized person and yet there are just times in life when I struggle to face certain tasks. This is where Sonnet comes in and gives me an energetic make-over. You rarely meet someone who is a supportive, compassionate, non-judgmental sweetheart and yet also will kick your ass. This is what I need. I am grateful for the skills she has taught me and feel much more confident and motivated these days to tackle things on my own. I want to make her proud, but most of all it just feels good to make myself proud.
— Ana Rogers, 42 yrs old, Honolulu, HI


  • Busy Moms/Dads/Professionals that could use help getting organized and simplifying life at home and/or in the office. Large or small projects, anything goes.

  • Navigation through Life Transitions

    • Moving (help organizing logistics/packing/unpacking)

    • New Home

    • Selling a Home

    • Remodeling/Redecorating projects

    • Retiring/Semi-retiring

    • Estates or Aging Parents/Spouse

    • Empty Nest/Full Nest

    • Marriage/Divorce/Break-up

    • Clearing New Space /Junk Removal

    • Down Sizing

    • Death of a Spouse/Someone close

    • Weight Loss/Gain

    • New Baby/Pet

    • Starting/Closing a Business

    • Starting/Leaving a Job

    • Recovering from an illness or surgery

    • Goal Tracking/support working towards a large goal or sporting event

    • Home services coordination - assistance managing home projects and/or service personnel

  • Anyone experiencing limitation or feeling stuck and desiring to live a life filled with more simplicity, choices and freedom. Need someone to help you stay on task? Guide you through making decisions? Complete projects/tasks? Prioritize? Find a home for your stuff? Help you figure out why you do what you do?

  • Other

    Need help or support with something you don’t see listed? Have a project in mind? Let’s talk


Please contact me for a free consultation and a customized package.

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